Adding credit to your Bidali app account with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Adding funds to your Bidali Account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and other cryptocurrencies takes just a few minutes. We automatically convert your payment currency to the fiat currency you are trying to add credit for. For example, if you want to add USD credit to your Bidali account and pay with Bitcoin then we automatically convert your BTC payment to USD using the best market rates.

Accessing the funding section in the app

1. From the Balance section in the Bidali app, tap the Add Funds button on the currency you want to fund.

2.  Tap the Cryptocurrency method. You will be redirected to a dedicated web page where you can specify the amount of Bidali credit you would like to purchase and the currency you would like to pay with.

Buying Bidali credit with cryptocurrency

1. On the dedicated web page select the amount of credit you would like to purchase (min. $10 - $2,000 max).

2. Choose the cryptocurrency you would like to use.

3. Copy our receiving address and the amount of cryptocurrency to your favourite crypto wallet or exchange.

⚠️  Be sure to factor in any withdrawal fees the exchange or wallet charges (you may need to adjust the amount to compensate) and send with a high enough transaction fee.

Process shown using Coinbase Wallet.

4. Confirm your transaction and send.

5. Once you have confirmed your wallet or exchange has processed the withdrawal, you can switch back to the Bidali web page to see the status of the transaction to ensure we received it correctly.

5. You're now done! Once the payment has been confirmed on the blockchain your Bidali Account balance will automatically be credited with the amount and you'll get a push notification if you have them enabled.

Now you'll be able to send money instantly, for free, and earn cash back on purchases. 🙌 

If for some reason your account has not been credited in that time period please contact our support team and they will help you out.

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