What does Bidali do?

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In a nutshell, we make sending money as easy and fast as sending an email. And for free, too! 🎉

Bidali helps businesses increase sales and eliminate fraud with next generation payments, targeted marketing, and more flexible gift cards. While at the same time we get you sweet deals from brands you love and enable you to send money to anyone for free! (without needing to know everything about you, your first born child, and your grandparent's middle name)


Using blockchain technology and advanced cryptography we are reimagining digital commerce and creating a more direct consumer-to-business payment model.

We have 4 core tenets we hold near and dear to our heart in order to achieve this.

  1. 📱 Use modern technology to solve modern problems. Fraud and data leaks are continuing to increase and money is becoming increasingly digital. With traditional advertising, there is so much money wasted marketing to fraudulent click farms or customers that will never convert and at the same time businesses are capturing more and more personal information about you, putting you at risk. We employ a combination of blockchain technology, advanced cryptography, and intelligent algorithms that allow us to provide safer and better financial services than anyone else in the world, while ensuring your data is still secure and privacy is respected.
  2. 🔒 People deserve privacy. We believe that anonymous transaction data is a better indicator of financial health and propensity to spend than who your friends are, where you grandma lives, and whether you own a cat or a dog. The traditional model of needing to know everything about an individual is broken and introduces incredible risk for us and you. This is why we decouple your personal information from your financial information and usage activity so that it's only ever tied to a series of random letters and numbers. As a result, we're able to safely gain insights that we leverage to improve your financial well being and offer a great customer experience, without needing to know everything about you and jeopardize your privacy.
  3. 💰 Financial access is a human right. So many people around the world still lack adequate financial access. What if anyone with a phone could have a multi-currency bank account in their pocket and get paid from anyone, anywhere in the world? That would lift billions of people out of poverty and have a massive impact on global GDP. We're on a mission to do just that.
  4. ❤️ Do good. We believe in the ethical use and deployment of world changing technology in order to improve people's lives and we won't intentionally make sacrifices that could jeopardize this.

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